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What People Are Saying About Crystal Davis

Adrianne Hood

"Hair Stylist & Colorist"

"Crystal Is An Amazing Coach and Mentor"

I know I could count on Crystal for anything and she would do anything she could to help me in any way. Crystal is very encouraging and she doesn't judge me at all which makes it so easy to tell her anything that's going on.  

I don't know many people who never give up on their dreams and who always keep a positive mind no matter what's going on like Crystal does. 

My energy always feels refreshed after being with her, never drained. Crystal is an amazing coach and mentor, Thank YOU!

"I Was Missing Something, I Just Didn't Know What..."

Crystal helped me to bring awareness to where I was and helped me start defining where I really wanted to go and discover the deeper meaning of what I wanted my life to be like. 

A life that I loved living and that mattered. 

I applied Crystal’s insights and strategies and built an amazing blueprint for myself which stands for vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measurement. The Authentic Wheel Of Life exercise I used to focus my work, and ultimately my life, on what I really wanted. Creating and making my dream a reality!

Celeste Chaytors

"App Specialist for App It Global, Direct Sales Leader, Entrepreneur, and Mom"

Evan Klassen

"3x Bestselling Author and Host of Immigrant to Millionaire"

"Crystal's Teachings Have Brought Me Massive Success..."

There is no one I admire more than Crystal. Her heart pours through in everything she does and The Authentic Driven Life is a prime example of that.

Learning from Crystal has been the biggest blessing in my life and her teachings have brought me massive success in all areas of my life.

"Crystal Is An Incredible Woman Of Great Strength, Courage, Passion and Vigor..."

Crystal is an incredible woman of great strength, courage, passion and vigor. She radiates light and inspires others to discover their light within.

Crystal is remarkable and has blessed my life by through her coaching.

Jim Moore

"Marketing and Sales Growth Expert, Lead Generation and Advertising Expert"

Debbie Schewe

"Owner of Wild Blue Boutique"

"Today My Business Is Thriving..."

When Crystal and I met eight years ago, I was just starting my first business and I was so drawn to her optimism and encouragement.

Today my business is thriving and the success I’ve had is due to Crystal showing me exactly how to organize and prioritize my goals for both my personal and my professional life.

"Crystal Has Helped Me To Regain The Ability To Diagram My Life Course Without Any Regrets..."

When I met Crystal I was very broken mentally, physically, emotionally and barely holding on by a thread from years of domestic violence.

Crystal changed my views on life! 

She got me to open up about the violence and the collapse of my marriage. Crystal shared her deep wisdom of experience that has helped me to regain the ability to diagram my life course without any regrets.

I have gained my confidence, pride, self-worth and discovered life is worth living to the fullest through Crystal’s coaching and courses.

Heather Hartley

"Medical Sales Device Representative"

Tyler Weaver

"44 Time World Champion Martial Artist and Actor"

"Crystal Helped Me Overcome Depression and Grow Both Mentally and In My Business..."


Ryker Weaver

"Grand Champion Martial Artist"

"Crystal Opened Up A World Of Opportunities For Me In Business and The Entertainment Industry..."


Mal Pugh

"US Women's Olympic Soccer Team"

"Crystal Taught Me How To Be Confident In Everything I Do In Life..."


Patrice Lynn

"​Bestselling Author and Speaker"

"Crystal connected me to the top people in the speaking industry which has helped grow my speaking career..."

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